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Meet our Staff
Sharon Rae Deacon

Sharon Rae Deacon, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist California License
PSY 3453


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Sharon Rae Deacon, Ph.D. has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist since 1970. She did her undergraduate work at U.S.C. and graduated with honors in 1964. Nominated by the Department of Psychology, she received the Chi Omega award upon graduation which recognized her as the department's most outstanding female student. She continued her studies at U.S.C. and obtained her Ph.D. in January of 1969. Upon graduation, Dr. Deacon accepted a position, with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health as Chief Psychologist for the Los Angeles Day Treatment Center. She designed and instituted their internship training program. This was the genesis of her 30 years of specialization in the training of other professionals. As a Behavioral Science Consultant, Dr. Deacon still trains approximately 100 therapists a year for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

Sharon formed Sharon Rae Deacon, Ph.D. & Associates in the late 1970's. This afforded her the opportunity to continue her training and supervision interests on a more in-depth basis while at the same time providing psychological services to a larger number of clients. Today, Sharon Rae Deacon, Ph.D. & Associates employees three Licensed Psychologists, a Psychology Intern, a Marriage and Family Intern as well as an Educational Consultant. She is proud to be able to provide services for all age ranges with the full spectrum of psychological approaches available. Dr. Deacon personally selects and matches each new patient with the therapist she feels will be most suitable for each patient.

Dr. Deacon has developed for the practice two specialized programs which are of particular interest to her. First is the Neurofeedback Training program. Brain wave training has proved remarkable effective in the treatment of numerous conditions. Most discussion of this important technique has focused on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, but Dr. Deacon is particularly interested its its application to such health issues as high blood pressure and PMS. In 1995 Sharon added 120 hours of training to her already busy schedule in order to provide this program. She is now considered a Diplomate in Neurofeedback.

The second specialized program is also health oriented. Dr. Deacon's dissertation was on the treatment of Diabetes. She has maintained a long standing interest in medical conditions which psychologically impact the individual. She has trained other medical professionals in good health maintenance practices. She was happy to add Habitex to her practice. With a combination of hypnosis, sound diet practices and the Habitex triggered suggestion system patients are seeing striking health benefits.

A description of Dr. Deacon's work would not be complete without citing her 25 years of volunteer work for The American Red Cross. She received the Spotlight award from the Los Angeles Chapter in 1985. At that time over 250,OOO families had been helped by professionals she had trained. She is recognized as a national expert in the area of Parent Education. The number of families impacted by Dr. Deacon's work is now approaching one half million. This in part was the reason she was elected to Who's Who in North America in 1990.

Curriculum Vita

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